Our support plans are designed for businesses with users anywhere between 1 and 100.
We have come up with simple to understand packages that offer great support on many levels, keeping you working on your business, not your computers.

Managed Backup

Leaving your backup system in our hands means that we can make sure its working and functioning correctly at all times and you can get on with business. If something does happen to it, we are notified and able to fix it for no additional cost. Whether its tape, hard disk or off site you need, we can do it all.

Managed Security / Anti Virus

If you have a virus, we get notified immediately. Forgot to run your scheduled virus scan? Don’t worry – we’ve already beat you to it. We are constantly monitoring your security and anti virus to make sure you are always protected.

Discounted Hardware Purchasing

One nice perk about being on a support pack is that you get discounted hardware and software, no matter what you buy. We do everything from quote, purchase and even set up on site for you. It makes life a breeze.

Email Support

Email us at any time about an issue you may be having and we will do our best to get back to you lightning fast, just like the Flash!