Difference Between DVD-R, DVD+R and RW Disks

With all these different types of DVD’s you can buy at the shops these days, whats the difference you might ask yourself? In this article we will explain what the difference is, and why you might benefit from using one or the other.

Lets start with the letters in the names of the different types. R stands for “recordable”. This means that it can only be written to once, and the data can never be deleted off the disk. RW disks are able to be erased, and re written on again. This makes them very economical as far as price goes. Most of the time, people want to keep the data on the DVD so they don’t want to ever delete off it.

Lets move onto DVD+R. DVD+R disks can be written to in multiple layers, giving them a bit more storage on the disk, and better integrity of data. The downfall is they are a bit more expensive than the DVD-R’s, but these days its barley noticeable.

DVD-R discs can only been written to in one layer on the disk. They don’t have the data integrity that the +R’s have, but make up for it being cheaper.

I would also like to add in the difference between a DVD-RW and a DVD-ROM.

A DVD-RW can read and write (burn) DVD’s, and most of the time can also write and read CD’s.

A DVD-ROM can only read a DVD disk (or a CD) but cannot write any data to a disk.

The great thing these days, is that its industry standard to put DVD Burner in all computers (except net books). If you don’t have one and want to upgrade, then go for it! They are usually only around $60, which is definitely worth it.


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