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per month

Stop spam before it reaches your domain
Filter unlimited email addresses
Never miss an important email

Tracking 100+ million senders

Sender behaviors are tracked in real time. The sender’s reputation is weighed during the filtering process.

Thousands of filters added daily

Using spam traps around the world we are able to detect new spam attacks as they occur and adapt to them instantly.

Searchable Quarantine

Never miss an important email. All spam is stored in a searchable quarantine.

Whole domain filtering at one low price

Other services charge extra for every email address on your domain, or require you to set up a separate subscription for each of your domain aliases. With our service there’s no limit!

Automatic mail spooling

If your mail server goes down, our service will automatically hold your clean messages until your mail server is back online. Mail is automatically held for up to 30 days.

Zero-Hour Virus Protection

Like other spam filtering solutions, we use popular virus scanners to help block viruses. These scanners do catch some viruses, but we have added our own detection systems that watch for patterns and automatically block new viruses hours before commercial virus scanners have been updated.