With Marvel mail, you can be sure you will have enough space to last you a lifetime, and be able to access your mail anywhere.


Anti Spam and Anti virus

All mail landing in your Marvel Mailbox is scanned by THREE (Yes three!) different anti spam and anti virus scanners, keeping you safe and secure. No more dodgy emails

10GB Email Boxes

Like to hold onto your email? Our 10GB Mailboxes with last you a lifetime. And if your lifetime happens to outgrow it, we can still offer your more space.


Unlike all free mail providers(hotmail / gmail etc), you wont be inundated with Advertising, nor do we read your email, ever.

50MB Attachments

Sick of not being able to receive emails because the attachment is too large? Never again with our 50 Megabyte attachment size limit.

Daily Backups

All data is backed up nightly ensuring your email is safe and secure. You can also restore from the past 2 weeks directly from your Control Panel login, its free too.

Control Center

Manage all your mailboxes from one single location. With a click of your mouse change permissions, storage and mailbox creation.

Secure Location

Worried about where your data is being stored? The data centre is protected by strict physical security systems and has redundant power to make sure their is no compromisation on security, or down time.

If you would like more information please contact us today.

If you would like more information please contact us today.