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Managed Business Security and Backup

Keep your business secure from malicious attacks, data breaches and accidental deletion in a multi-pronged approach.

With this solution, your business is secured in multiple areas which are the usual candidates of malicious software installations, data breaches and accidental deletions of important information.

Marvel IT monitors and manages each area making sure that all services are running at all times and are able to pro-actively resolve any issues as they arise.

Cloud based spam filtering:

Email is one of the main ways people get scammed, viruses get downloaded and money gets stolen. Protect yourself with cloud based spam filtering that checks every single email before it even reaches your mailbox.

Managed Anti Virus and Ransomware Protection:

If in the event something does get through your filter, or you browse an infected website, your computers Anti Virus needs to be well equipped to handle mitigation of the infection. We use industry leading protection that has the ability to stop a lot of todays ransomware in its tracks. Keep all your computers up to date, protected and managed by Marvel IT.

Cloud to Cloud backup:

Using Office 365? So are we! It’s important that your business critical data is protected and backed up. Microsoft recommend to backup your data in their terms of service, which means you can’t rely on their platform as a proper backup. Marvel IT has partnered with cloud backup provider Dropsuite, to offer full archiving and backup snapshots of our clients data, with the ability to monitor, manage and test 24/7.

Office Hardware Firewall:

Having a firewall appliance that separates your office from the internet, means that everything is filtered before it gets to your computer, giving you real time protection from malicious websites, files, inappropriate content for work for desktops and mobile devices.

Office 365 Monitoring and Management:

Office 365 it’s a large suite of products that needs to be not only configured correctly and securely, but monitored and managed to keep the businesses critical services running and secure at all times. Our job is to make sure that your accounts don’t get compromised and are safe, secure and accessible.

With these services, we are able to monitor and manage your network on multiple levels, protecting your users and data from various types of attacks that businesses are vulnerable to.

The best way to protect your business is to be proactive as often when you are reactive to a situation, it’s already too late.

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