What is a firewall and how does it work?

If you have been using the computer for even just a little while, wether it is for work or home use, you have probably heard of a thing called a firewall before. In this article, we are going to talk about what a firewall is, and how it works.

The basic way to explain a firewall, is a barrier (software or hardware) that seperates your computer or network from the internet, filtering information coming in from the internet to your computer or network.

The basic reason for a firewall is Safety. It provides a secure environment in which you can connect to the internet and make sure your data and computer(s) are safe.

A Firewall will not protect you from all security threats, such as virus infection, spyware, malware etc, but does a great job in fighting the battle!

One great component of a firewall is to filter the traffic going OUT of your network or computer, TO the internet. This allows you to block certain websites etc. For example, if you have young children, you want to keep them safe on the internet and dissallow any adult material from being viewed. Another example is that if you own a business, and you want to make sure your workers are not browsing social networks like facebook and myspace, you can block them from being visited.

A firewall can definitley be troublesome for a beginner user of computers. They often come pre packaged with new computers, and alot of the time can cause problems with connection to the internet and from some software from functioning properly. Luckily this day and age the software firewalls that come packaged with computers is easily configured, and can be set to suit the user.

If you are looking to get a firewall setup for your home or business, be sure to do your reasearch to find out which product is right for you, or give us a call and we can happily reccomend something to suit your needs.