Often known as Wi–Fi, wireless internet is getting more popular as the prices come down, and the connectivity speeds increase. This article weighs up the pros and con’s of Wireless internet, and also explains the difference between TRUE wireless internet, and a wireless home network.

Now it is safe to say, that you have at least one password that includes your birth date, pet animals name, post code, or family members name? No I am not psychic, most people use these sorts of things for all their passwords, which can lead to serious problems.

You may have seen it being advertised on TV, the Internet and even on the side of buses, but what is it? What can it do for you? Well for starters, it can save you lots of money on phone calls!

Gone are the days of writing personal Diary entries and trying your best to hide them from your brothers or sisters. People these days keep a Blog, which is like an online Diary!

While on your adventures through the Internet, and on your computer, you would have come in contact with a PDF document, but what is it? This article explains what a PDF document is, and how to use it effectively.

It’s Great getting those funny emails from friends every day, when you are supposed to be working. Unfortunately, they can be loaded with nasty viruses that can sneak in unnoticed. Here is 5 ways to help keep clear of unwanted mail viruses.

If you have been using the computer for even just a little while, wether it is for work or home use, you have probably heard of a thing called a firewall before. In this article, we are going to talk about what a firewall is, and how it works.

Spyware is Computer Software that is installed on a computer, usually accidently by the user, which intercepts data from the computer in some shape or form, without the users consent.