I have been on the look out for a new SEO SERP rank checker and site analyzer for quite a while now. The problem is, that so many of them just arent accurate. This is the main problem I have with any web ranking tracker. Today I am going to do a review on a very popular application called Advanced Web Ranking. Basically, Advanced Web Ranking is a complete seo software package that does a whole bunch of rank tracking and keyword tracking functions that make my life so much easier.

There is quite a few different attributes to the application which make it so much better than other packages out there which cost MORE than advanced web ranking. Most of them may do one thing well, but try to bolt on other options but never do them very well. Luckily with advanced web ranking, the whole tool has been thought out and created really well and with the user in mind. It works well for a person that needs to monitor one or two sites, or someone like me who looks after 10+ with a boat load of keywords.

Lets check out some of the features Advanced Web Ranking offers.


Overview Screen

As you can see below the layout is really crisp, clear and easy to navigate. The main thing I like is how the keywords and the search engines are laid out in a row and show their current and previous rankings. This is what I call the “Breafkast View” because it’s the first thing I look at every morning haha. Its also so easy to check the other areas like reports / data etc as they are just tabs on the left hand side. You might be like “whatever”, but compared to some of the other applications I have used, this is easily the best laid out SERP tracker by far.


Current Rank Chart

I love this view. It really gives you a look into whats been happening with the site in a historical view. Let me just say, it’s VERY CUSTOMISABLE. It might look a bit confusing for you, but basically all it shows is the different keywords in a chart, as one color per keyword. The great thing is that the more rankings that you gather over time, you really get to see a massive timeline of your SERPs and see whats worked and what hasn’t. It’s also very good to show clients so you can prove that SEO really does help 🙂

Check out the bottom part of the screen shot. There is a little overview showing : current position, last known, maximum, minimum and average position. I love this bit.


Current Ranking On Selected Search Engines

Now some people like to monitor various search engines like google, yahoo and bing. This view shows you what you are currently ranking and a whole bunch of over handy data on all of them in one screen. There isnt many tools that actually offer this which is surprising. The quick jump bar allows you to change your search engine, and also your keyword. It’s quick and fast which is what I want. Some of the other tools I have used are so clunky, so Advanced Web Ranking is definitley a breath of fresh air.


One Of The Biggest Extras – Keyword Research Tool

This was one of the deal makers for me. Most ranking tracker tools don’t have keyword research tools. Having a keyword research tool right on your desktop is SO HANDY. Its pretty quick and you can customised it really well just like it was the actual google adwords tool. The ability to export to CSV is nice as well so you can archive them or add them to other spreadsheets. If you are like me, you probably have one excel spreadsheet for each website you are working on, so extracting the valuable data out of Advanced Web Ranking is a dream come true. A lot of the other tools don’t actually allow you to extract their data out, or if you do its got their branding all over it. Since it’s a CSV export, its just raw data and I respect Advanced Web Ranking for letting us do that.



Conclusion – Yay or Nay?

To be honest I didn’t talk about every single facility in this application, and thats mainly because I wanted to focus on the web ranking as thats what I primarily need. The other tools in this application are amazing. There is no stone left unturned when it comes to the rank tracking and reporting. They have really packed it full of tools that you will use all the time, and others don’t offer which cost MORE than Advanced Web Ranking.

They offer various types of their application based on what you need. This is great because the people who just want to monitor their own personal website don’t have to pay for things they aren’t going to use. Hat off to Advanced Web Ranking for that one.

Check out their website for more info, but seriously take it from someone who has tried probably all of them. Advanced Web Ranking is the best tool of the trade that you only have to pay a one off payment for.

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